RV vs Hotels: Which is Cheaper?

RV vs Hotels: Which One Is Cheaper?Many people love to travel via RV because it is a great way to travel for several months. If you have a large family, hotels and restaurant bill will be costly for you. But in RV, You can travel on your schedule and cost. RV will give you feel like you are sleeping your bed on vacation while RV camping with family and kids.

A question may pop up in your mind that "which way is cheaper, RVs or hotels?" I will give you some consideration here.


Are RVs More Economical Than Hotels? - NerdWalletOf course, owning a small RV would save u money. But there is also some consideration. Fuel prices, gas prices, motor coaches, trailers are not constant. Also, you can rent an RV if you are going for a long weekend trip. Sometimes dealers offer a discount on rent. So you should check the offers always.

Still, you are confused? Let's discuss three types of road trips. 

  1. Staying at a hotel
  2. Buying an RV
  3. Renting an RV

Staying at a hotel

Staying At A Hotel - Lessons - Tes TeachOn your long trip, you are driving in your car, sleep at a hotel, and eating your meals in the restaurant. Think about your car cost, hotel, and food cost. Car maintenance, fuel, the tire is a minimum of 30,000$. Staying at the hotel and daily meals could be 200$ per day. This amount could be rise higher depends on your vacation spot.

Buying your RV

What's The Cheapest State To Buy An RV - RV TalkYou can buy a small RV which may cost 70,000$. Then the maintenance cost will be 17,00$. In this amount, you can use your RV for more than 15 years. Fuel and total operating costs will vary in your daily choice. Then using a campground per night may cost you 30$, meals per day $30 which you have to prepare in your RV. So the daily total cost will not more than 60$.

 So the big savings have to come from skipping expensive hotel rooms. Some RVs offer to offer a gas mileage of 15 MPG or more. So you can use this. 

Renting an RV

The 8 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Your First RV ...Now think about renting a small RV. This is the best way to save your money because you do not have to pay for ownership costs. You just have to spend money on total operating costs. Keep in mind that a new RV can cost as much as a small house, and a new RV is very costly. So try a rental for a few times if you do not have enough money to buy RV right now. 

RV rental prices depend on regional dealers. The average rental rate for a small RV is about $205 a day. 

RV lifestyle

RV Camping at Olympic National Park - My Olympic ParkIf you go on a trip taking RV, you can explore wonderful moments. Nights under the sky, campfire, sounds of nature will change your minds and thinking. There is no quickness in the morning to cleaning the room. You can make your meal whatever you want. It will give you the home vibe. 

You have to do a lot of other works like, cleaning the RV, bed, buying Groceries, emptied Sewage holding tanks. In a hotel, you do not have to do this but the RV is your second home you know. It will give you more benefits. If you do not want to do such kind of work, hotels or resorts will be better for you. There are many cheap hotels where you can stay. 

More consideration


If you want to go a 7 days vacation, Owning a small RV will save you only 60%-70% of the traditional car-plus-hotel cost. If you are living on a fixed income or retirement, the savings will depend on the nature of your travel. So owning a small RV is the cheapest way for a long vacation. But before buying, try once or more in rent. Once you know all about RV, start saving money. It is a promise you won't disappoint.

An RV is more expensive to own and drive but saves you each day on lodging and meals. Your breakeven point will depend on your lifestyle and travel plans.

RV vs Camper Van vs Tent Camping

RV vs Camper Van vs Tent Camping - Escape CampervansIf you love traveling, you might know about RV camping, tent camping or camper van. It allows you to learn new life skills, avoid electronic devices, exploring nature, and clear your head. Finding hotels in nature is not easy all the time, and it will cost you big money. It is better to make your own home in nature, and how could you do it? Here is the answer.

RV Camping

Daily RV Camping - The Great New York State Fair!Rv camping is best for staying in nature with your home vibe. It is a reasonable way to see the sights on your next trip. You can buy or rent an RV before going on a trip. In RV, you can have your kitchen, bed, shower, etc. also you can make food for your family. 

In RV, 5to 8 people can easily stay which is not possible in a hotel with one room. You all can share the driving, living, and sleeping space. 


Campsites are also expensive. If you want to spend more nights, prices will be high. Also, you have to think about the parking spot. If it is mountain passes or roads. It will be best if you are not heading into civilization because the chances of finding parking lots are low. 



  1. You can feel like it is your own home with a full kitchen, private bathroom, shower in your RV.
  2. Easily stay more than 5 peoples in one RV for hiking and camping in USA.
  3. You can sleep in the roof of your RV or on the ground.
  4. You can make your food in the kitchen and store it in the fridge. 
  5. In RV, it is very easy to go here and there at any time. You do not have to stay your full night in a hotel room.


  1. Access to water, dumping places is not easy if you are inaccessible place.
  2. If you have a large RV it will be difficult to drive small roads, parking, and maneuver.
  3. Rv camping sites are expensive.
  4. If you go a long way, the gas cost will be high.

Camper Van

The 9 best camper vans of 2019 - CurbedIf you have small groups, the camper van is best for your trip. You can also rent or buy a camper van. The van is also equipped with freeze, stove pump sink, etc. There are even off-roading options, sometimes called 4×4 campers or 4WD campers.


  1. Campervans let you camp outside no matter what the weather.
  2. It is easy to drive and park anywhere at any time.
  3. The kitchen is inside but you have to cook outside. So that your van will be out of food smell.
  4. Gas cost is less.
  5. You do not need to rent multiple sources. 


  1. A campervan is not for large groups.
  2. It is more expensive than tent camping. the price of the vehicle, license, registration, tabs, maintenance, fuel, campsite fees, wastewater fees, etc.
  3. No electricity or bathroom/shower.
  4. If you want to go mountain for hikes, a campervan won’t be able to accommodate all of those treks.

Tent Camping

Tent Camping | Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo in River Ranch ...Tent camping is the most amazing thing on the camping trip with instant camping type tents. If you want to camp somewhere outside of the driving range, tent camping will be best for you.


  • It is very portable and easy to carry anywhere.
  • Your entire family will fit in one space.
  • Tent campsites are way cheaper than RV camping or car camping.
  • It will give you a more traditional camping feel.


  • If you sleep on the ground without a sleeping bag, it will be uncomfortable.
  • If you have a large tent, the tenting setup and breakdown will be time-consuming.

Best Day Hikes in the Parks in USA

Yosemite Valley Day Hikes - Yosemite National Park (U.S. National ...If you are experienced hikers you must love day hikes. It is so refreshing and gives hikers a great experience to share with friends and family. In the USA, there are so many trail places that makes it difficult to choose. If you want to go hiking for a day, here I can give you the best day hike place list.

Alum cave trail (Tennessee)

Alum Cave - Hike It Baby : TrailsMount Leconte is one of the famous places for day hikers. It is in the great smoky mountain national parks, Tennessee. It’s only the third highest peak in the Smokies. The shortest, steepest, and most interesting path to the top is Alum Cave Trail. If you go there in spring or fall, you will explore a great view then other routes.

You can also see the rhododendron forest, where many old-growth hardwoods also have. Using climber stick for hunting and hiking is a good choice to go there. If you go on the top in summer, the clifftop might seem unnecessary. But in winter, you will explore icy rock and many more to make your day.

John Muir Trail ( California)

Tips for Hiking the John Muir Trail - Gander Outdoors

John Muir trail is another wonderful hiking place in the USA. You can also see Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and sequoia national parks while passing the trail. In this route, you will explore many numerous views that can make your day hikes extraordinary. It has breathtaking vistas, crystal clear streams, and peaceful solitude. High Sierra Mountains are best for hikers. It is a very rugged, and challenging walk.


Grand Canyon national park (Arizona)

Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona Picture by @jtdales by ...

Arizona is one of the famous places for grand canyon. You can see the play of sunlight on rock, clouds on canyon or rainbow after the rain. If you want to see the better view, hike the Rim Trail from Maricopa Point. It is in the west to Hermits Rest. The canyon's best moments are watching the sunset from the top of the rock. There is also some grand canyon village. You can walk there and get the tribes' hospitality.

Bright Angel Trail (Grand Canyon) 

Hiking the Bright Angel Trail, Grand Canyon • James KaiserIt is the most classic hikes for all hikers. The Bright Angel Trail will show you amazing views of the canyon and all the surrounding, which is famous all over the world. This iconic and well-known road can be rough and strenuous for the first time. But it will be worthwhile for you. All the four seasons are tourist gathering season in there. So if you want to avoid busy people, try to go there off pick days.

Sargent Mountain Loop (Acadia National Park)


It is one of the amazing wilderness areas in the entire USA. Many hikers love Acadia national park, also One of the top trekking routes of Sargent Mountain Loop. Visitors can walk 5.5-mile to the summit and you will find main landmarks inside the park. When you reach the top, you will see the wonderful views of the Acadia coastline.



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